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up2date is telling you that Galeon needs the older files associated with Mozilla, and it doesn't want to delete them as a result.

Here's what I observed (thought certainly not gospel!):

Galeon was the Gnome browser that came with prior versions of RedHat along with Mozilla. I liked it because it was fast, pretty lean to open, and came with a nice feature for entering search terms in a toolbar textbox. You could get to Gnome by clicking on Redhat > Internet > More Internet Applications.

Fedora comes with a different Gnome browser called Epiphany, in addition to Mozilla. Epiphany is also very lean and fast. When I added plug-ins to enhance Mozilla, I found that Epiphany was able to use them as well. You can now get to Fedora by clicking on Redhat > Internet > More Internet Applications, and then hunting for an icon labeld "Web Browser". (The icon looks like a globe with a giant white arrow on it.)

When I did last night's up2date for the Mozilla files and got the same message about galeon, I felt that since I now have a nice "other" browser in addition to Mozilla, that I just no longer needed Galeon. So I deleted Galeon using the following commands:

Open a terminal
Login as root, using the command su
Then, erase Galeon from my system using the command rpm -e Galeon

Once Galeon was erased, I then ran up2date and the Mozilla updates were installed without any complaints. Epiphany is a nice other browser to have around, if you don't use Mozilla for mail, news reading, etc.

Hope this helps,

M.Hockings wrote:
When I try to update FC1 with up2date I'm getting the following message:

There was a package dependency problem. The message was:
Unresolvable chain of dependencies: galeon-1.2.7-3 requires mozilla = 35:1.2.1
Please modify your package selections and try again.

A while ago I had a problem with mozilla not running and one kind sole here gave me a command that fixed things (deleted the config or something, I'm not sure right now and don't have the note in front of me). How can I tell if I use this galeon thing (yes, I realize that does sound dumb). As far as I know I don't and if it is not infrastructure for something else I'd be just as happy to remove it in order to be able to update mozilla.

Any thoughts?


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