Re: Fedora Update Notification: Mozilla [1.4.1-18]

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On Thursday 20 November 2003 18:48, Don wrote:
> that would be great if up2date could handle
> Mozilla 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and a user could choose which version they want
> to "track".

You can configure up2date to "skip" any application you don't want 
overwritten. So, if you were playing with one version of an application 
that wasn't in the "official distribution"  you can still use up2date 
without hosing your pet project. This is not tracking a specific 
version among many but perhaps "apt" has this capability,  I don't use 
it so I don't know.

> Is it just a matter of the hours required to put rpms together?

There is another thread currently where a fellow has a problem because 
another application,  Galeon I think,  requires the Mozilla libraries 
from the version prior to the bug fix.  He has to make a choice to 
update Mozilla and in doing so, dumping Galeon or keeping Galeon and 
living with a Mozilla that easily seg faults or digging in to see what 
Galeon really needs.  What other programs use the Mozilla libs? I don't 
know, but these are the kinds of problems that will have to be 
addressed when a new version is released.

> Since Fedora is "For the people, by the people", what is the process
> to volunteer to do this sort of thing?

I think there're good links on the Fedora web sites:

if you want to get your feet wet.


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