RE: Which criteria used for speedstep policy?

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> From: Peter Boy [mailto:pboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 
> powersafe and performance (at least: I could change the content of
> /proc/cpufreq).

Yea.. that would tell you if it works.. Or.. You could time the cpu doing
something.. Like compiling the kernel??
> I'm wondering now what the module is exactly doing. Does the powersafe
> policy just set the cpu freq to the minimum and nothing else 
> or does it
> enhance the cpu freq on demand, and how such a demand is determined?

That you would need cpudyn.. but I just dL'ed the source for cpufreqd
1.1-rc1, the feature set has indeed been inproved quite a lot. I'm rarring
to give it a go tonight or during the weekend.

Cpudyn has not been too nice to me somehow.. BUt I wouldn't rule it out, its
based on "demand" to puump up the speed.

Have a look at the new Cpufreqd!!

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