Re: Fedora Core and lm_sensors---how to get working for nVidia chipset

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Mike Watson kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika Keskiviikko 19. 
Marraskuuta 2003 00:25):
> I've been trying to get lm_sensors to work. The version of lm_sensors
> that cme with Fedora core is 2.8.1 which is the latest version.
> "sensors-detect" says to use the i2c-nforce2 module but I can't find
> it.

The sensor drivers are in the kernel, the lm_sensors package contains 
just the user-level client programs. I guess the kernel drivers haven't 
been updated to match the lm_sensors package version, this has happened 
before (bug #67919).

	Markku Kolkka
	[email protected]

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