Re: KDE 3.1.93 for Fedora spotted

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On Tuesday 18 November 2003 20:20, pctech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Do you, collectively, prefer KDE or Gnome?  And why?

Like the other posts are saying, they basically each cover the same ground in 
a good way.  Something that may not be obvious if you stayed so far from X is 
that you can perfectly happily run gnome apps in a KDE desktop and 
vice-versa.  The main thing you're choosing is the desktop and start 'panel', 
you can have ghex in KDE and khexedit in gnome for example.  So the choice 
matters less in practical terms than you might think.

That said, I started with Gnome and found Nautilus, the "explorer" type app, 
bogged down unusably if you had a few instances open.  I don't know if that 
is still the case since 7.3 or 8 or whatever, because I tried KDE and really 
liked it.  Konqueror, the equivalent to Nautilus in KDE doesn't suffer 
slowdowns on having many instances open.

Despite the fact you only want one desktop interface, the best advice is to 
give both of them a go, if you want to lose kde its just half-a-dozen or so 
rpms to -e, don't know about gnome.

- -Andy
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