Re: KDE 3.1.93 for Fedora spotted

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Rob Park wrote:
Mike Chambers wrote:

On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 23:12, Dave Thomas wrote:

Most KDE mirrors dont have it yet....its pretty fresh. I am dl'ing it now to give it a try.

Fedora Core 1 already contains 3.1.4, doesn't it?

"3.1.93", I believe, could be more accurately described as "3.2 release candidate 1".

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Just a heads up for the brave souls who are going to give this a shot, upgrading to 3.1.93 from the stock KDE breaks some stuff (not surprisingly).

I installed the packages on a basically clean setup of Core 1, and the menu entries got slightly screwed up, various KDE apps crash randomly, and for some reason any OpenGL-based program (tuxracer, celestia, etc) crash immediately. Additionally, the repository does not offer any yum/apt headers (as I write this) so you'll have to do some command-line RPM finagling for everything to work.

In spite of all that, I must say I'm quite impressed with the new version. Lots of little improvements to the UI as well as a slightly snappier responsiveness make it worth the hassles (at least for us bleeding-edge fetishists :)


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