OT: CrossPlatform email client?

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Hi - this seems a fairly newbie friendly place and I got a lot
of good help from some people here with my mp3 problem, so maybe
someone will have an answer to this one....

I really, really want to me rid of MS......but there are a few
things that I need to dual-boot for, for a while. I *know* that
the Gimp is supposed to be as good as many Windows graphics
packages but I know the Windows ones inside out and use my PC
to make money. Ditto for Dreamweaver.

Because of these two apps (mainly) I find that I spend most of
the day in Windows and then the evening in Linux (mostly email,
usenet, etc). However I am getting fed up of trying to organise
email in a dual-boot system. Receiving email into either is
easy enough (just leave on the server in Linux, delete from
server in Win) but if I then reply to something when in one OS,
my reply won't appear in the second, etc.

Is there a (decent) email client that works with a shared mail
dir, on a fat32 drive, and has a Windows and a Linux client. It

to be easy to set up/install (complete newbie!)
multiple account facilities (both pop and smtp)
decent filtering, rules and folders setup

Basically I'm after The Bat! or maybe Eudora, that will work
for both OS's......

Bryan Anderson <[email protected]>

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