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Tanto tempo fa, in una galassia lontana lontana, Bryan Anderson scrisse:

Is there a (decent) email client that works with a shared mail
dir, on a fat32 drive, and has a Windows and a Linux client. It

to be easy to set up/install (complete newbie!)
multiple account facilities (both pop and smtp)
decent filtering, rules and folders setup

Basically I'm after The Bat! or maybe Eudora, that will work for both OS's......

Hi there.
Basically I have the same "problem" ... I was thinking about Thunderbird from
You just decompress it and run the executable.

under Windoze seema not capable of antivirus checking with Norton or AVG. It has a lot of "modules" in development and seems right now the one with the brightest future.

With Eudora (which i'm using right now as you can see) you have 2 choices:
- buy CrossOver Office (about 35$ if i do remember right) and then poin the "linux-installation" and the win-one to the same FAT32 diretory
- import the *.mbx files in KMail/Evolution ..... seems that you only lose the attachments that way. Still trying to figure that out.
I've got 3 years of e-mail in Eudora.MBXs...

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