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At 19:16 11/8/2003, you wrote:
I don't know how low you can go, but I have managed a minimal install a lot less then the default povided by anaconda package selection, by creating a kickstart file that explicitely removes packages from installation ..

One day I will set some time aside and arrive at the bare-minimimum kickstart file..

I do the same thing for home firewalls and smaller machines, where I often get 1GB drives and even sometimes a 500MB drive. I have consistently kept to 150MB-200MB installs.

Perhaps a few of us could cooperate on creating this "smallest" install kickstart file? I will be happy to cooperate, put forth my own efforts, and maybe put up a web page with the list of packages so that we can discuss it. Anyone else want to help? Lox, Michael, Jaroslaw... anyone?

-- Rodolfo J. Paiz [email protected]

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