Re: Minimal installation

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Jaroslaw Kowalski wrote:
Hi all!

I'm planning to install a minimal version of fedora and then manually
(perhaps using apt to handle dependencies) remove some packages that I don't
need. The key here is the disk usage.

I want my install to be as small as:

basic file utilities (ls, cat)
rpm + apt

Of course I would need all rpms that are dependent on these + anything
required for fedora to work.

My question is: has anyone tried it? How low can you go in terms of disk
space used?

I don't know how low you can go, but I have managed a minimal install a lot less then the default povided by anaconda package selection, by creating a kickstart file that explicitely removes packages from installation ..

One day I will set some time aside and arrive at the bare-minimimum kickstart file..


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