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On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 18:12, Marc Williams wrote:

> Thanks for checking.  A fellow on the Mozillazine forums found the
> problem and it was because I didn't have the libstdc++ 7.3 compatible
> libraries (compat-libstdc++) installed, just the stock libs from
> Fedora.  Grabbed them from ATrpms and now all is well.
I just tried to install flash-plugin-6.0.79-1 from an rpm package I had
used with FC Test3.  As it did before, it asked for CD-3 from the Fedora
Core 1 iso set.  Something failed when I inserted the CD.

Now, the system thinks the flash-plugin package is installed, even
though it isn't as evidenced by it not being listed in the Mozilla About
Plugins dialog.

So, thinking that the install of the compat-libstdc++ from the CD
failed, I did an up2date compat-libstdc++ and that hung without any
error message.  So does any attempt to use rpm to install the package
from the CD.

Anyone know how to back out of this mess and start over?



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