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jdow wrote:

From: "WA9ALS - John" <ham_reflectors@xxxxxxxxxx>

----- Original Message ----- From: "Elton Woo" <elwoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

This newbie got H+BDEV's Antivirus (for LINUX) from:
and F-Prot (for LINUX) from:

Both of which are free for personal use.

... if you don't know what antivirus software does, I guess I'm not
smart enough to explain that to you!


Elton Woo ;-)

My understanding is that these programs detect WINDOWS viruses as received
on a linux box. If you don't have Windows, "What, Me Worry?"
- John, feeling slightly less newbie

Now, one might think both John and Elton need to go look at the
documentation for "Tripwire". It is not exactly an anti-virus tool
of the Norton or McAfee schools. However, it is designed to aid

Actually me, myself (... *yes* ,my first name is John) , and I am aware of Tripwire. However, I have not installed it recently. Surprising as it may seem. In any case, the topic here is about
viruses (detection and removal). Whereas Tripwire is merely a sentinel for intrusion detection and (should) be used in conjunction with a firewall, as an added security, IMVHO. However, since I am not running a server, and I *do* have a firewall enabled, this is one point where I didn't decide to "err on the side of caution".

... thought you'd trip me up by mentioning Tripwire, eh? LOL!!!

Elton ;-)

"You only live once: let's make life BETTER for each other."
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