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Am Fr, den 26.12.2003 schrieb Steve Watford um 23:39:
> I have a 300 MHz Celeron machine with 32 meg of memory.  Is fedora possible on 
> this machine.  I get an anaconda exit abnormally error when I try to install 
> from CD.  I realize 64 is the stated min, but is there a way around it, 
> possibly with a switch setting or different install type.(http?)

You should use the text-mode installer instead, it should work fine on
your system. Look at the help screens at the boot up screen that comes
up when you boot the CD for the kernel option.. I think it's something
like "linux textmode".
>   I have 5 of 
> these machines in our office that are running NT40 just fine and since they 
> are basically used to run a browser and hit an apache server I would prefer 
> not to have to upgrade them all.

I'm using Fedora on PII 300 box, a full-blown GNOME desktop by the way,
without any problems at all. It is pretty much as usable as WinXP,
speedwise. You definitely need more RAM though, 128 would be ok.

Philipp Leser

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