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There were some other posts on the list yesterday about SATA boards working with the 2.4.22-1.2135.nptl kernel.

I take it my Promise controller is not included with that patched kernel? Anything particular not working with that kernel to keep it in test?

Michael K. Johnson wrote:

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 06:41:49AM -0800, Shawn D. Hamby wrote:

Has someone gotten a Promise SATA raid controller module working in Fedora Core 1?

I have a MSI motherboard with the Promise PDC20376. Can't seem to find good information to get this device working with Fedora.

Hopefully someone has already tackled this issue.

Basically, you need a driver disk with a whole new libata stack on it. I don't know that anyone has created this yet.


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