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On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 07:07, redhat wrote:
> I have a windows computer that ftp's data to a Linux box on the inside
> (trusted) side of our network.  I need to ftp that information from that
> Linux box to another Linux box that is in our DMZ.  Is there a way to
> automate this function using cron?  Is there a better method?  The file
> is updated every 5 minutes from the windows computer and I would like to
> make this happen every 5-10 minutes.
> thanks,
> DF

man netrc - This will help you with an automated FTP login.

I've done something that *might* be similar to what you're trying to do.  

Here's a snippet from a C shell script that ran from cron:



set dirDate=`date +"%Y%m%d"`
echo "prompt off"               > put_data
echo "mkdir $dirDate"           >> put_data
echo "cd $dirDate"              >> put_data
echo "mput *"                   >> put_data
echo "bye"                      >> put_data
ftp YOUR_SERVER < put_data >& /dev/null

Hope it helps.

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