Re: Hard freeze with kernel-2.6.0

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Have you compiled it with preemtible kernel?

Is so, I'd try without that, see if it repeats...

I've seen similar on one FC1 machine...

On Sun, 2003-12-21 at 14:24, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I'm having a curious problem with linux-2.6.0
> (compiled from the official source)
> on my Sony Vaio C1VFK laptop, under Fedora-1.
> I get a hard freeze after about an hour
> (this has happened 3 times,
> and I think the time could be exactly the same on each occasion)
> when very unusually I cannot stop the computer
> by pressing the power button --
> I have to remove the battery.
> I've never met this behaviour before, in 2 years with the Vaio.
> I wonder if anyone has any idea what might cause this?
> I'm logging kernel errors to another machine,
> but nothing useful turned up there.
> I did compile in swsusp -- I'll try removing that
> and see if it is the culprit.
> I think that was about the only change I made in the kernel configuration.
> Any suggestions or advice gratefully received.

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