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To elaborate more on my scenario...  When we're ready to begin QA, I grab all of the latest appropriate RPMs for our environment via up2date on RHN and store them in a central repository.  So, within that repository, I've got a set of updates, including their dependencies, from which I can build systems tailored for the version of our product we need to QA against.  So, while I agree with the concerns mentioned below in a normal environment, I believe that this will work just fine in my QA environment.  True/Not true?


On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 08:16, Tom Diehl wrote:
On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Clif Smith wrote:

> This is a little off topic as I'm dealing with Redhat 2.1AS in this
> scenario, but please read on.  If I have all of the rpm's as well as the
> rpm's they depend on that I want to install to tailor and/or upgrade a
> base install, is there any reason why I shouldn't do a rpm --nodeps vs.
> letting yum or apt handle dependencies?  Here's my scenario - I build
> systems to QA my company's software.  In doing so, I need to be able to
> build systems using the exact versions of software we support.  So, I
> keep all rpms I install and/or upgrade in a share per each release of
> our software.  Currently, I just do a rpm --Uvh --nodeps to allow the
> packages to be installed, knowing I'm installing the necessary
> dependants, but possibly not in the "correct" order.

You should never use --nodpes unless you can explain in detail why you 
need to. If you are building rpms that are broken they should be fixed.
If you insist on installing rpms with --nodeps or --force it will eventually
cause problems. Stuff will mysteriously stop working etc. 
The rules are the same for any rpm based system. There is a reason why yum
etc. does not even offer the ability to do --nodeps or --force.

Just courious why do you want to do this??


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