Re: rpm --nodeps vs. yum/apt

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Clif Smith  said:
> To elaborate more on my scenario...  When we're ready to begin QA, I
> grab all of the latest appropriate RPMs for our environment via up2date
> on RHN and store them in a central repository.  So, within that
> repository, I've got a set of updates, including their dependencies,
> from which I can build systems tailored for the version of our product
> we need to QA against.  So, while I agree with the concerns mentioned
> below in a normal environment, I believe that this will work just fine
> in my QA environment.  True/Not true?

The bigger question is why?  You have the updates and the dependencies,
what does nodeps help with?  As I stated before, give the list of RPMs to
rpm and it will figure out the order for you.  The whole point of having a
package manager is to make sure all the dependancies are resolved.

Using nodeps should be looked at like using "rm -rf" as root.  It can be
useful in a small set of situations, but it is very easy to completely
break things if you get in the habit of using it all the time.

William Hooper

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