Re: fedora core 1 on a dell inspiron 5150

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rolf deenen wrote:

Did anybody get fc1 running on a dell inspiron 5150, and how?

Hope somebody can help,

We have several 5150 laptops happily running Fedora. I'll try to help.

The bulk of your problem is that the NVidia chipset in the
5150 is not supported by the "nv" driver in XFree86.

You *could* get X to run using the "vesa" driver but to take
full advantage of the video hardware you should install the
NVidia binary driver from  There have been lots
of postings on this list about that so I won't repeat it
here.  Contact me off list if you need additional help with

To avoid the red screen of death, you need to boot up to a
lower runlevel.  When you see the Grub boot menu, hit the
"a" key to alter the kernel parameters.  At the very end of
the kernel parameter line put the runlevel number that you want.

For example,

  grub append> ro root=LABEL=/ hda=ide-scsi acpi=on 3

would boot you to runlevel 3.

At this point, you should be able to log in and install the
NVidia driver following their instructions.


Other tips / lessons learned:

If you have the HT processor (Hyperthreading), I would
recommend booting only the Uniprocessor kernel.  When I try
to use the SMP kernel, I see very rapid key repeats in X and
power management does not work reliably (shutdown is flakey).

Part of acpi power management seems to work.  The battery
monitor applet works.  Suspend does not work at all.  The
suspend request is completely ignored.  Trying to suspend
using the /proc interface only results in a hosed machine.


If you ever figure out how to get suspend and resume to
work, please share the info.


Everything else on the machine works nicely.


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