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On or about 2003-12-16 10:29, Benjamin J. Weiss whipped out a trusty #2 pencil and scribbled:

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As I get time in the future, I'll probably write a quicky howto on


up this box as I have my RH9 box, as a secure mail server with smtpauth,
tls, etc. That is, if I can ever figure out DocBook! (I'm a guy who
*prefers* writing HTML by hand, but this docbook stuff is very confusing.
Guess I just have to keep at it.)


I have figured out Docbook already (as far as I need to, anyway) and I


written a brief HOWTO on setting up Red Hat's (and Fedora's) sendmail to
use unencrypted SMTP AUTH. From here it is but a short hop to adding users
and POP/IMAP access, but I have not done so yet for lack of time. Other


do" items for later include how to set up TLS and secure transport as well
as simple integration with MailScanner, SpamAssassin, and an antivirus


I got 440 unique visitors in November, and December looks to be slightly
over 500. I'd be happy to have your help on this, such that we could
improve the document a lot. You can either contribute, or we can coauthor
if you like. Check out the current version at:


I've gotten a DocBook DTD and have been figuring it out, with some success
so far.  I've also already started the install, along with the document (I'm
writing the HOWTO as I install the server).

Co-authoring sounds good to me, I'll contact you directly tonight, after
I've had a chance to look at your doc.  I've still got my (very poor) notes
on my RH 9 setup with postfix (I refuse to use sendmail, with their poor
security track record) smtp auth, TLS and imaps.  Also the virus and spam
checking. :)

My goal is to have a doc that will allow a person to go (hopefully in just a
few hours) from a blank machine into a working, safe, secure email server.



FWIW, I installed qmail (+ a bunch of helpers, vpopmail, vqmailadmin, etc.) following the instructions at while under RH9. It has worked well and continues to after upgrading to FC1.

Fritz Whittington
TI Alum -

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