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Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 9:58 AM
Subject: Mail server HOWTO (was: Re: Chicken Little eats crow)

> At 11:55 12/15/2003, you wrote:
> >As I get time in the future, I'll probably write a quicky howto on
> >up this box as I have my RH9 box, as a secure mail server with smtpauth,
> >tls, etc.  That is, if I can ever figure out DocBook!  (I'm a guy who
> >*prefers* writing HTML by hand, but this docbook stuff is very confusing.
> >Guess I just have to keep at it.)
> Ben,
> I have figured out Docbook already (as far as I need to, anyway) and I
> written a brief HOWTO on setting up Red Hat's (and Fedora's) sendmail to
> use unencrypted SMTP AUTH. From here it is but a short hop to adding users
> and POP/IMAP access, but I have not done so yet for lack of time. Other
> do" items for later include how to set up TLS and secure transport as well
> as simple integration with MailScanner, SpamAssassin, and an antivirus
> I got 440 unique visitors in November, and December looks to be slightly
> over 500. I'd be happy to have your help on this, such that we could
> improve the document a lot. You can either contribute, or we can coauthor
> if you like. Check out the current version at:


I've gotten a DocBook DTD and have been figuring it out, with some success
so far.  I've also already started the install, along with the document (I'm
writing the HOWTO as I install the server).

Co-authoring sounds good to me, I'll contact you directly tonight, after
I've had a chance to look at your doc.  I've still got my (very poor) notes
on my RH 9 setup with postfix (I refuse to use sendmail, with their poor
security track record) smtp auth, TLS and imaps.  Also the virus and spam
checking. :)

My goal is to have a doc that will allow a person to go (hopefully in just a
few hours) from a blank machine into a working, safe, secure email server.



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