Re: sound-juicer mp3 encoder support

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On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 22:27, Brent Fox wrote:

> You need to install gstreamer-plugins-extras.  

Now, i tried that (thanks for the tip), and i installed the
gstreamer-plugins-mp3 package as well. However, when starting
sound-juicer it complains about a missing encoder ("The currently
selected encoder is not available on your installation."), and at trying
to extract a cd anyway, it says it can't find lame ("Sound Juicer could
not extract this CD. Reason: Could not create GStreamer encoder (lame)")
I've installed about every mp3, lame, 123, 321 package apt-cache search
would find me, but still sound-juicer (sound-juicer-0.5.8-0.rhfc1.dag)
won't extract to mp3.

What did i do wrong?

eelco (i know, i know, i should use ogg, and i would, if only my
Nike/Philips mp3 cd player would have no problems playing ogg.)

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