Re: Cedilla Problem!

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On Nov 30, 2003, Rui Miguel Seabra <[email protected]> wrote:

> I've had that problem ever since RH8 (I think).
> In some circumstances, the proper character is written, but gtk widgets
> and mozilla don't seem capable.

> I think that the wrong character is being used ever since the move to
> UTF-8, but I can't find which is which.

Why would anyone expect ' c to generate something different from Ä?
Sure enough, we used to abuse it to generate Ã, but with an
international configuration, since there are languages that do use Ä,
they have to get preference for the obvious meaning of Ä.  So we, poor
users of à (or any other Âs) have to use Compose (generally the right
Alt key), comma and the letter under which the Cedilla character
should be placed.  Worksforme, at least in Fedora Core 1.  I vaguely
remember that it worked in RHL9 as well, and possibly even on 8.0.  If
you want the gory details, there are bugzilla reports about this, but
I don't have the bug numbers handy.

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