Re: new problem with 2.4.23 kernel and FC1

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Hank Maxwell wrote:

> just noticed something else, for some reason when i would start mozilla
> or nautilus instead of 1 process of each appearing several more like 3-4
> of each would appear and some apps would not shutdown either (yahoo
> messenger), i can't think of any tweak in the kernel that would cause
> these problems maybe someone else can??

I don't know what is your problem, but if you change Fedora Kernel with
a standard kernel you will probably get troubles:

- from dj kernel faq:

>Q. Can I use a stock kernel anyway ?
>A. Yes. But you obviously lose all the 'add ons'.

more detailled answer by Jeff <[email protected]>:

The key one being NPTL support.  Dropping in a kernel which does not
support NPTL can cause all kinds of headaches.  I ran in this mode for
a short while for various reasons.  Mozilla, OpenOffice, and WINE
consistently wedged.  Presumably this happened because the Fedora versions
actually relied upon Posix compliant things like thread signal delivery
and if you drop in an old kernel you get the old non-compliant signal
delivery behavior.

So, patch kernel with NPTL.
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