Re: [PATCH 05/10] x86_64: Use generic percpu

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* Mike Travis <[email protected]> wrote:

> > Also for such changes .text size comparisons before/after are a good 
> > idea.
> x86_64-defconfig:
> pre-percpu                          post-percpu
>       159373 .init.text                       +3 .init.text
>      1411137 .rodata                          +8 .rodata
>      3629056 .text                           +48 .text
>      7057383 Total                           +59 Total

ok, that looks like really minimal impact, so i'm in favor of merging 
this into arch/x86 - and the unification it does later on is nice too.

to get more test feedback: what would be the best way to get this tested 
in x86.git in a standalone way? Can i just pick up these 10 patches and 
remove all the non-x86 arch changes, and expect it to work - or are the 
other percpu preparatory/cleanup patches in -mm needed too?

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