Re: [PATCH] CFS: Fix missing digit off in wmult table

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On Wed, 18 Jul 2007, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> _changing_ it is an option within reason, and we've done it a couple of 
> times already in the past, and even within CFS (as Peter correctly 
> observed) we've been through a couple of iterations already. And as i 
> mentioned it before, the outer edge of nice levels (+19, by far the most 
> commonly used nice level) was inconsistent to begin with: 3%, 5%, 9% of 
> nice-0, depending on HZ.

Why do you constantly stress level 19? Yes, that one is special, all other 
positive levels were already relatively consistent.

> So changing that to a consistent (and 
> user-requested)

How old is CFS and how many users did it have so far? How many users has 
the old scheduler, which will be exposed to the new one soon?

> 1.5% is a much smaller change than you seem to make it 
> out to be.

The percentage levels are off by a factor of upto _seven_, sorry I fail 
see how you can characterize this as "small".

> So by your standard we could never change the 
> scheduler. (which your ultimate argument might be after all =B-)

Careful, you make assertion about me, for which you have absolutely no 
base, adding a smiley doesn't make this any funnier.

bye, Roman
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