Re: [PATCH] trim memory not covered by WB MTRRs

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Jesse Barnes wrote:

It looks like end_pfn might be ~0UL now... can you print that out in your configuration?
Er, do you need the value of end_pfn ?
Here's what I changed:

if ((highest_addr >> PAGE_SHIFT) != end_pfn) {
        printk(KERN_WARNING "***************\n");
        printk(KERN_WARNING "**** WARNING: likely BIOS bug\n");
        printk(KERN_WARNING "**** MTRRs don't cover all of "
               "memory, trimmed %lu pages\n", end_pfn -
               (highest_addr >> PAGE_SHIFT));
        printk(KERN_WARNING "**** end_pfn before = %lu\n", end_pfn);
        end_pfn = highest_addr >> PAGE_SHIFT;
        printk(KERN_WARNING "**** end_pfn after = %lu\n", end_pfn);
        printk(KERN_WARNING "***************\n");

Here's the result:
**** WARNING: likely BIOS bug
**** MTRRs don't cover all of memory, trimmed 18446744073709486080 pages
**** end_pfn before = 2293760
**** end_pfn after = 2359296

Hope that's what you needed.

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