Re: [PATCH 16/16] fix handling of integer constant expressions

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On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 01:29:59AM +0100, Derek M Jones wrote:
> Al Viro wrote:
> >>>Hopefully correct handling of integer constant expressions.  Please, 
> >>>review.
> >>Am I invoking sparse wrongly?  ./sparse -W -Wall doesn't diagnose
> >>the following TU, for example.
> >>
> >>extern int a;
> >>extern int as1[(a = 2)];
> >
> >sparse simply doesn't check that.  We don't have anything resembling
> >support of VLA.
> If it did support VLAs it would point out that this is
> a constraint violation.  VLAs must have block or function
> prototype scope.

I know.  It's just that "let's do something about array size checks"
triggers "yeah, but the poor sod who does that will have to sort
VLAs *and* gcc extensions around VLAs out", which is not a nice thought
and so far nobody had touched that area at all.
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