Re: [patch] PM: suspend/resume debugging should depend on SOFTWARE_SUSPEND

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> > Hmm... how common are these machines? We are using unpatched kernel
> > for suse10.2... OTOH we only support machines from the whitelist, all
> I've always said IDE and software suspend are unsafe. The more work I do
> the more clearly this is/was the case.

Well, there's unsafe as in  "crashes", and that's unsafe as in "eats

> The really nasty "resume eats your disk" cases I know about are
> thankfully for older systems - VIA KT133 and similar era chipsets.

Aha, good. Hopefully noone has notebook with those.

> There is a recent nasty - Jmicron goes totally to **** on resume because
> of resume quirks not being run but it goes so spectacularly wrong it
> doesn't seem to get far enough to corrupt.

Good :-). Crashing is nasty, but we probably won't add that machine to

> Andrew has about 2/3rds of the bits I've done now, will push the rest
> when I've done a little more testing/checking. At that point libata ought
> to be resume safe. Someone who cares about drivers/ide legacy support can
> then copy the work over.

Thanks. I do not think we care about old mainboards enough to do
2.6.16-stable backport.
(cesky, pictures)
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