Re: [patch] PM: suspend/resume debugging should depend on SOFTWARE_SUSPEND

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> This might not have been the original purpose of suspend, but it works 
> quite well, STR is obviously not an alternative, and it doesn't matter 
> much whether it takes a minute.

Suspend to ram at the moment is for the very very brave. Having added
resume quirks to the PCI resume code I've got basic resume behaving on at
two boxes where resume ate the disks. I've now found a third case in
testing where str/resume resumes when using Jmicron 365/366 your IDE disks
swapped over which makes a really nasty mess, and that controllers like
the SIL680 come back from resume misclocked and so on.

Patches for some of these will follow, to go with the pci resume quirk
patch already posted.

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