Re: [PATCH] sas_ata: satisfy libata qc function locking requirements

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Darrick J. Wong wrote:
ata_qc_complete and ata_sas_queuecmd require that the port lock be held
when they are called.  sas_ata doesn't do this, leading to BUG messages
about qc tags newly allocated qc tags already being in use.  This patch
fixes the locking, which should clean up the rest of those messages.

So far I've tested this against an IBM x206m with two SATA disks with no
BUG messages and no other signs of things going wrong, and the machine
finally passed the pounder stress test.  The patch is against jejb's
aic94xx-sas tree.


Signed-off-by: Darrick J. Wong <[email protected]>
heh, yeah, proper locking helps :)

Glad to hear the progress. Adaptec just sent me a cable that will allow me to use my Razor card as a SATA controller, so I can finally start testing that.

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