Re: [ PATCH ] Longhaul - call suspend(PMSG_FREEZE) before and resume() after

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> Nehemiah has a local APIC, and is SMP capable.
> (Though boards are hard to come by, and longhaul.ko has never
>  been tested on such a system)
> 		Dave

We both have right. My C3 is in EBGA and datasheet (v1.90) for 
EBGA C3 says:
> Symmetric Multiprocessing Support: APIC
> This bus function is omitted since the target market for the VIA C3 
> in EBGA is portables and typical desktop systems (which do not 
> support APIC multiprocessing). A bit in the feature identification 
> returned from the CPUID instruction indicates whether this feature 
> is present or not. This enhancement is not provided on the VIA C3 in EBGA.

But C3 in FCPGA(?) have APIC support.


INTERIA.PL dla kobiet... >>>

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