[UDF] (bogus?) overlap of directories and files

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I have a hard drive with an UDF filesystem, and something strange happened a
few weeks ago: I had a directory foo, then I created a file bar at a
completely different place; after that, foo was no longer a directory, it
was a plain file, a hard-link to the newly created bar, except that the link
count was wrong. Obviously there is a bug somewhere.

Since then, I spent part of my free-time to dissect my filesystem, and I
found the following strange detail.


Some directories have eight allocated unrecorded (extent.length >> 30 == 1,
according to ECMA 167, 4/, page 4/46) sectors at the end. The
strange thing is that some of these sectors also belong to others files or
directories, as recorded sectors.

Is this situation normal?

(For the record, I am currently using a kernel, but I did not see
anything related in the ChangeLog of later releases.)

PS: I managed to build and run fsck.udf from OpenSolaris under GNU/Linux,
but it seems to be limited to version 2 records, while Linux produces both
version 2 and version 3 records, so it did not help. I intend to release the
tools I have written to dissect my filesystem, but they still need a lot of


  Nicolas George

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