Re: [PATCH] PM-Timer: doesn't use workaround if chipset is not buggy

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Andreas Mohr <[email protected]> writes:

> Should I do a public request for chipset testing?
> (I wrote a small test app here that would hopefully identify a buggy
> chipset).

I think almost ICH4 is not buggy.  But probably current approach is safe.
So, I added "pmtmr_good" to disable the workaround instead.

I posted probably similar one for mainly ICH4 users.

> Data that I have collected from internet snippets (mostly Intel errata
> documents):
> Affected (PCI ID / rev):
>   - ICH4???
>   - PIIX4 A0 (0x7113 / 00?), A1 (0x7113 / 00?), B0 (0x7113 / 01?)
>   - PIIX4E A0 (0x7113 / 02?)
> Probably fixed (PCI ID / rev):
>   - PIIX4M A0 (0x7113 / 03?)
> My Toshiba Satellite 4280 seems to have non-buggy PIIX4M
> (since it's PCI rev. 03), haven't had time to test reliability yet, though.

I tested PIIX4E (yes, really buggy), ICH7, VT88237. And ICH6 was
reported as sane.

OGAWA Hirofumi <[email protected]>
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