Re: [RFC][PATCH 5/7] VPIDs: vpid/pid conversion in VPID enabled case

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On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 19:30 +0300, Kirill Korotaev wrote:
> This is the main patch which contains all vpid-to-pid conversions
> and auxilliary stuff. Virtual pids are distinguished from real ones
> by the VPID_BIT bit set. Conversion from vpid to pid and vice versa
> is performed in two ways: fast way, when vpid and it's according pid
> differ only in VPID_BIT bit set ("linear" case), and more complex way,
> when pid may correspond to any vpid ("sparse" case) - in this case we
> use a hash-table based mapping. 

This is an interesting approach.  Could you elaborate a bit on on why
you need the two different approaches?  What conditions cause the switch
to the sparse approach?

Also, if you could separate those two approaches out into two different
patches, it would be much easier to get a grasp about what's going on.
One of them is just an optimization, right?

Did you happen to catch Linus's mail about his preferred approach?

-- Dave

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