[RFC][PATCH] VPIDs: Virtualization of PIDs (OpenVZ approach)

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[RFC][PATCH] VPIDs: Virtualization of PIDs (OpenVZ approach)

OpenVZ project would like to present another approach for VPIDs developed by Alexey Kuznetsov. These patches were heavily tested and used for half a year in OpenVZ already.
OpenVZ VPIDs serves the same purpose of VPS (container) checkpointing
and restore. OpenVZ VPS checkpointing code will be released soon.
These VPIDs patches look less intrusive than IBM's, so I would ask to
consider it for inclusion. Other projects can benefit from this code as
Patch set consists of 7 patches.
The main patches are:
- diff-vpids-macro, which introduces pid access interface
- diff-vpids-core, which introduces pid translations where required using new interfaces - diff-vpids-virt, which introduces virtual pids handling in pid.c and pid mappings for VPSs
Patches are against latest 2.6.16-rc1-git6

Kirill Korotaev,
OpenVZ team

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