Re: random minor benchmark: Re: Copy 20 tarfiles: ext2 vs (reiser4, unixfile) vs (reiser4,cryptcompress)

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Jens Axboe wrote:

>Yeah and that's ok, I was just interested in seeing some more
>interesting compression benchmarks so I wondered if you had done that.
I think "random minor benchmark" was an apt description, yes.;-)

First we will debug it fully. Then we will figure out how to change
mongo so that the files do not consist entirely of the letter a as their
contents, and run mongo on it. Probably we will find some way to slice
up a linux kernel tar file into files of random sizes, and assume that
is a fair thing to let it compress during mongo. Then, just so people
won't think mongo is slanted in our favor we will do some cp -r's of
large numbers of linux kernel source trees and time that also.

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