Re: pm_register should die

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> > > +#ifdef CONFIG_OLD_PM
> > >   	if (pm_send_all(PM_SUSPEND, (void *)3)) {
> > 
> > Can we not do this without ifdefs?
> > 
> > #define pm_send_all(foo, bar) 0
> Okay, we probably can, but the ifdefs make very nice/easy markers
> "this is going away". I'd prefer to actually delete all the code
> inside those ifdefs...
> I agree this patch can be improved... I hope I can get people to fix
> those 13 occurences and be able to just drop everything in #ifdef
> _OLD_PM.

There's another reason: they are ifdef-ed out so that you don't see
"obsolete function called" warning. Breaking the function and hiding
the warning at same time would seem like a wrong thing to do. If
someone does pm_send_all in his code, we want him to see the warning.

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