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>> Okay, I can now say I really don't like using the middle wheel. It
>> requires me to take my hands off the keyboard twice. I'd really like
>> to be able to highlight the the mouse, and paste with a keyboard
>> combination.
> You seem to be mixing up the two methods of copying. You highlight with
> the left mouse button and copy with the middle mouse button. NO keyboard
> is involved,

No, I understand it would have to involve using the two separate
methods to do this. It just doesn't seem as natural or easy of a
process to have to make sure the cursor is positioned exactly where
the text should be pasted, rather than being able to copy the text,
navigate the cursor to where I want the text (while using vi, for
example), then paste (using shift-insert, for example).

Hopefully you don't think I'm being a pain in the ass or pedantic.

I think I became so used to using putty in Windows to a Linux box for
so long, that I guess I forgot how it was I used to do it in Linux.

> I copy between two screens all the time using the mouse button method.

Yes, I can do it using the context menu method, but that is a real PITA.

> And if you have a mouse with a wheel, because you want a mousewheel,
> then you could use the left & right buttons pressed together to act as
> the middle button.

Ah yes, forgot totally about that one. I'm having problems with the
scroll wheel pasting without scrolling at the same time, but I'm not
sure another mouse would fix this. How am I to know if the next one
will have the same problem?

I also recall the scroll wheel actually scrolling through the screen
history, not through the command history. Any idea why that might have
happened? In other words, it provides the same functionality as an up

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