bt keyboard at start up?

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Morgan Read <mstuff <at>> writes:

> Hello Folks
> I've just installed f12 (from centos5.5) and I'm puzzled at where global
> bt config is now?
> ...
> Does anyone know where to enter a device to connect at start up now?
> The gnome bt panel applet seems to work fine on a per login basis, but I
> need the keyboard from start up.
> ...
I have googled for long time and it looks like there was a major rewrite of
how bluetooth devices are handled during 2009. When searching it feels as if you
hit a vaccume.
>From what I understand, with the exception of /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm, all must
be handled thru BIOS (if the machine is capable you can have the keyboard etc
at GRUB time) or thru udev rules (custom-written, pcmcia, USB, etc).


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