Re: Sendmail: How does one blacklist annoying spammers?

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On 06/26/2010 10:15 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Assuming this is correct, and is an effective safeguard,
> it seems a little surprising to me that it is not suggested
> somewhere in the Fedora-13 documentation.
> (Or maybe it is?)
I have not found blacklisting to be particularly useful myself.  I
wouldn't suggest it.  I've not researched all of the blacklisting
services...but some of them are what I would call "hostile" or
"xenophobic".  Besides, there is a certain level of overhead associated
with using these.

If I were to implement, I would use a milter instead of the builtin
sendmail feature.  Most milters allow for whitelists and other niceties.
> I actually find SpamAssassin by itself is quite adequate,
> reducing spam to perhaps 5% of my email.
> But if adding SpamHaus improves even this
> I am more than willing to try it.
IMHO, it isn't worth the effort. 

A while back I did some observations and found that greylisting was most
effective at cutting spam.  By itself, it cut spam by 90% or more.   So,
I only use greylisting + spamassassin. 

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