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Marcel Rieux wrote:
> I've been had with this one. Since I found no file in /tmp, I assumed
> there would be no URL in the code of the page.
> This one, I believe, would be a better challenge:
The one thing that you are missing is that some media suppliers don't
want folks to save the streams.  Folks like psb and bbc develop there
own "embedded players" that sit between the flash plugin and source. 
The communicate on port 1935.  There is no disk cache and the protocol
is client-server.  In the case of the Cosby video it probably isn't even
flv format since a snoop of the network traffic has the file name being
served to be


There is no URL go get via wget since, as previously mentioned, the
protocol being used is macromedia-fcs.

FWIW, if I want to capture this type of stream I do one of 2 things.....

1.  Play in full screen mode and feed the audio and video to my video
capture card and record using xdtv or something similar.

2.  Play in full screen mode and point my tripod mounted camcorder at
the screen while feeding audio directly from my sound card to my camcorder.

Both of these are the easiest way of doing it. 

The embedded players are unique to the media suppliers as they write
their own.

For these types of sites I've heard that you can try something like

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