Re: Fedora 8 mailserver: receiving ALMOST no mail from this list

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Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
removed: I removed "" from being a smarthost. Ran the
not, because a LONG time ago I had to define "" as
or I could not even send email from my account. For now,
the problem I initially brought to this list is resolved :) So, we'll
Remember that a lot of places run automatic spam filters which have blacklisted all residential adsl/cablemodem user ip's by default. So it would be advisable to route your outgoing emails trough comcasts email server.
That is probably why I had initially configured "" (and before
that the appropriate Insight server) as smarthost. So it strikes me as odd
that this would be the case:
With "" as smarthost:
1. Not receiving all the the mail from this (and possibly other) mailing lists.
2. Able to successfully send email.

WITHOUT "" as smarthost:
1. I am now receiving all of the mail from this (and possibly other) lists.
2. I am also still able to send email to at least this list.

Should this work? I don't know. I just know that it does, and that the removal of "" as my smarthost seems to have resulted in me receiving all of the email from my lists.
So, if I receive a copy of this message/see it in the fedora-list archives, it
will be the second message I've sent with no smarthost... On a residential
Steven P. Ulrick
It's not all places using the filter. As for how smarthost affects sendmail I can't say (using postfix) but I think it shouldn't affect the incoming mail. More plausible reason for incoming mail now working is that you restarted the sendmail when changing the configuration and that made it work. But if I were you I would follow it for a while to see how the things go and keep track if you get bounce messages for the e-mails you send.
In any case upgrade your server to more recent fedora 10-11 or if you
don't feel upgrading the server once a year I would recommend changing
to CentOS. In any case running old Fedora open to internet is just
invitation to get hacked.

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