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Les Mikesell wrote:

Can't you just boot from a CD when you need to do network diagnostics? Knoppix has about everything you would be likely to need.

usually, but not always[1]. And sometimes one needs to save some data. And don't use optical rw media.

For most, all this is way more than's necessary. However, if your datacentre has armed-guard security at the door, then expect a higher level of care inside too.

I have a near new HP DC7700p SFF desktop. Designed for corporates. No optical drive or floppy or card reader, though all are options. A daughter works for a gov't department (not one that deals in money); USB drivers are forbidden. Another works for an insurance company; I've not asked, but I figure security would be pretty tight there.

Trust employees as much as you must, but no more.



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