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Scott van Looy wrote:
Just because this old card works for you at the moment doesn't mean it
always will. NVidia are very good at supporting legacy hardware, other
companies are less so, I was merely using them as an example as that's
what we were talking about.
If/when it stops working I'm sure it will be due to the hardware 
crapping out.
Yes, NVidia is very good at supporting their legacy hardware...so it 
have been appropriate to use a company that isn't, just to be fair and 
have someone read your message out of context and believe you are 
I _am_ knocking NVidia. They should open their damn drivers ;)
Why, instead of you choosing an OS that cooperates with vendor efforts? 
 First, they claim that they don't own what you want them to give you, 
and second, what basis do you have to tell them what to do even if that 
was a legal option for them?
On the other hand, if Linux were more cooperative with vendor drivers 
perhaps there would soon be a large enough base of users that would make 
it attractive to have a source-available driver and they would pay what 
it takes to obtain the right to do that.

  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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