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Eric Tanguy wrote:
I read in relaes notes for gnome 2.14 that there is some
new features such as deskbar and fest user switching. I have FC5T3
installed and updated but i can't find these features. Someone could
explaim me how to enable them ?


The rpm is:

rpm -q --info deskbar-applet
Summary : A Gnome applet to allow easy access to various search engines
Description :
The goal of DeskbarApplet is to provide an omnipresent versatile search
interface. By typing search terms into the deskbar entry in your panel
you are presented with the search results as you type.

Seaches are handled by a series of plugins. DeskbarApplet provides a simple interface to manage these plugins to provide you with the search results that fit your needs.
Right click, add to panel. Type your search information and A GUI'n you go!

Regarding the fast switching, Type gdmf in the deskbar applet and gdmflexiserver should be the item that is found. This is the command which launches another X server.
I tried the flexiserver before sending the posting. It works.


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