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2006/2/24, Tim <[email protected]>:
> On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 12:06 +0100, antonio montagnani wrote:
> > Yes transparent Squid is running...but why wget with --inet4 flag is
> > o.k ??
> When using Squid, *it* normally resolve addresses by itself (it doesn't
> use your DNS server, nor your hosts file, etc.).  If it can't do IPv6
> then that's the cause of the problem you're trying to fix.
> A very quick Google using these two keywords: IPv6 squid, looks like it
> can't do IPv6 properly yet (there's some quite old messages about
> enabling it in the developer version, that don't look too promising, and
> nothing new written about it).  I don't know if they've resolved that
> yet, and my FC4 installation of Squid has no obvious mention of IPv6 in
> the documentation.  But a quick test for you would be to stop going
> through your transparent proxy, and see if it starts working, then.
> If you find wget works with and without IPv6 when used directly, but
> only IPv4 through Squid, then that pretty much nails it.
> I generally find proxies to be quite evil, or sites are so hostile that
> caching proxies can't do their job well.  Transparent proxying is the
> worst, as it imposes a proxy on you.  You can't easily avoid it if it
> causes a problem--and many do--you're almost forced to use it.
> I gave up using my (non-transparent) proxy ages ago, the only thing I
> found it beneficial with was Windows updates for many boxes.  The first
> one fetched the files from the WWW, the next one used the cached ones.
> It made short work of maintaining them.  But it did me no good for
> general browsing, as most things I browsed were only browsed once, or
> not cacheable, etc.  And it completely knobbled the windows anti-virus
> softare, AVG, it always failed to get its updates when trying to go
> through the proxy.
> Do you know what the difference is between IPv4 and IPv6?  It's a
> different addressing/networking scheme.  I'd say IPv6 is still under
> development.  It's in use in a few places, but it's not what you'd call
> mainstream.  Other than some test set-ups, I don't think you'll find
> anything that requires IPv6 yet, there'd be little point.  So many
> people would be excluded.
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Something is not clear to me.
If you check my iptables I am sending to transparent proxies only
eth0, that is the internal network card: therefore any connection
coming from other networked PC is proxied, but not the requests coming
from the router itself (that are not proxied, in my undestanding..)
Furthermore any request from network (wget, yum) is managed o.k, that
means that squid is running fine...

I am a dead point (not very important,as the router is working) and I
am not either a Linux superespert or a network magician... :-)

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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