Re: Semi-OT: VNC Alternatives.

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Sadly enough, I have severe problems with Cygwin/X performance (slow as
hell) and stability (tearing, lack of updates when Windows moves, etc).


On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 11:23 +1100, Cameron Simpson wrote:
> On 03Nov2005 16:54, Gilboa Davara <[email protected]> wrote:
> | I'm trying to ease the pain of using Linux.
> | If I choose the tunnel-over-SSH with X-forwarding option, the first
> | Windows they'll see will be an empty terminal window instead of looking
> | at a full-blow-Windows-like UI.
> | I really don't want to scare them off.
> If you really don't want to scare them off, running a rootless Cygwin/X server
> will let you pop up X client on their totally familiar Windows desktop.
> Roll a few icons that ssh to the Linux box and run the GUI app pointed back
> at their Windows PC - the X11 forward will do this for you.
> Or are you trying to entice them with a nice non-Windows desktop?
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