Re: Wireless card how do I install it in Fedora

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On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:43:55 +0100, MJonkers <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have a 3COM wireless card (PCMCIA). How do I install it, i am new to
> Fedora. 
> Thanks, 
> M 
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you'l need to get drivers for the card. connect with the wireless
tools. I would insert the Card  the boot into linux.  See if Kudzu
detects the card and loads drivers for the card.  If not, then check
out   foir drivers for your
Card.   Once you get the drivers install,   you'll want to open
network device controls.   App---->system settings--->network.    
Next, you'll want to create a new network device.  So click new select
the type, in your case  select wireless next screen, it will list the
availible devices. if your card is listed, then half of the battle is
done.  if not, you'll need to create a new device from the list. 
Configure the rest of the settings accourding to your newtwork and
save the settings.

open the terminal,  type is as root   

service network restart

next   try a iwlist scan  to see if the card detects any AP's.  
if it does  then issue a command

iwconfig device (eth1??) essid <networkname> 
ifup eth1 

and see i you connect.   you can check by    issueing  ifconfig (will
list your devices and any atributes with that device e.g ip address ,
mac address etc...

Any problems just post back and I or some of the otherss can help.  :)


Jim Lawrence
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