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I am fairly new to Linux myself, so this warning may not apply to Fedora.
On Solaris the chown -R command will follow soft links, which can
create some unexpected results.

At 12:38 PM 2/18/2005, you wrote:
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Tim Holmes wrote:

|Hi Folks:
|I know that this is a kinda basic question, but I don't want to totally
|mess up my webserver.  I have moved some directories to our new
|webserver, and because of the move, they have all been flagged as owned
|by and in the root group.  I want to change this to tholmes owner, and
|apache group.
|I am familiar with the chown and chgrp commands, my question pertains to
|using the recursive flag and the proper syntax for it.  For example the
|directory /var/www/html/mcaschool/ contains our schools website -- every
|file within that website should have a owner of tholmes and group of
|As I understand it, I would issue the following commands from the
|/var/www/html/mcaschool/ directory:
|chown tholmes /var/www/html/mcaschool/* -R
|chgrp apache /var/www/html/mcaschool/* -R
|Is this correct, or what is the correct command sequence.  I think I
|have found the right commands, but I don't dare try it till I am sure as
|I cannot afford to screw up the entire site.

The commands you listed will work; although I would suggest you try using:
~    chown tholmes.apache /var/www/html/mcaschool/* -R
and you may want to change ownership of the directory itself;
otherwise, any new files in the root directory will still be owned by
the owner of the directory.
~    chown tholmes.apache /var/www/html/mcaschool

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